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Accent Film Entertainment is an independent film distributor releasing a diverse range of films in all genres from around the globe. Accent has become synonymous with first-rate product, aggressive and strategic release campaigns, utilization of brand cross promotions and artistic integrity. Accent is dedicated to realizing the visions of independent filmmakers without compromise and is a dedicated ground for nurturing these visions.

From initial releases including Gasper Noe’s notorious masterpiece, IRREVERSIBLE, Michael Winterbottom’s intimate romance drama, 9 SONGS, Matthew Barney’s artistic triumphs, THE CREMASTER CYCLE and DRAWING RESTRAINT 9, Accent has diversified its product offering in line with evolving market demands.  Accent’s many  successful releases include THE CAKE EATERS starring Kristian Stewart of Twilight fame, ELVIS AND ANABELLE starring Blake Lively from TV hit series Gossip Girl, thought-provoking documentaries such as COUNTDOWN TO ZERO, I.O.U.S.A and COLLAPSE. There are also topical films such as THE STONING OF SORAYA M which tells the true story of the Islamic ritualistic stoning of an Iranian woman falsely accused of adultery and the documentary ONE A MINUTE, portraying the  inspirational stories from breast cancer survivors starring Olivia Newton John, Melissa Etheridge and many other famous celebrities.

Accent has always enjoyed working with great actors and filmmakers in releasing their films to local audiences. From talented thespians like Anthony Hopkins, Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Christian Slater, Amy Adams, Carla Gugino, Noah Taylor and Mads Mikkelsen to original directors such as Nicolas Winding Refn, Larry Clark, Lodge Kerrigan, Ingmar Bergman, Simon Rumley and Nuri Bilge Ceylan.
Current and upcoming Accent releases of controversial, challenging films for 2011 include RED WHITE AND BLUE, starring Noah Taylor who portrays a brutal man driven to extreme violent actions in retaliation for the shocking murder of the girl he loved; A SERBIAN FILM which has received international notoriety for its extreme and graphic depiction inspired by the atrocities committed in the recent Balkan wars, and WOMB, a fantasy romance dealing with the morally complex issues of genetic human cloning, starring former James Bond girl, Eva Green, and Matt Smith who is the current Doctor Who.  

Further releases include highly acclaimed films such as A FILM UNFINISHED which tells the story of the newly found World War II Nazi propaganda films made about the captive Jewish prisoners in concentration camps and WHEN WE LEAVE, a film Inspired by the true story of an Islamic honour killing, which was Germany’s official submission to the 2011 Oscars.
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